OTT Content Aggregation

For generations of viewers, television was essentially  a passive, watch-what-was-scheduled activity centered  on a single living room screen. But times—and consumers—have changed. Today’s  ubiquitous Internet access on PCs, tablets, mobile  devices, and increasingly, to in-home televisions, has  created far more sophisticated and proactive viewers  and is fueling the dramatic growth in video services  delivered on-demand to many types of screens.
As a result, companies across a variety of industries  are looking to Over-The-Top (OTT) capabilities, which  provide technology to deliver the video content over  Internet broadband connections to televisions, PCs,  or mobile devices. These capabilities hold significant  implications for both consumers and industry players.
OTT is a supremely disruptive technology that creates  both threats and opportunities: changing how  consumers access video entertainment, reshaping  how content and communications companies deliver it, and encouraging new players to bypass traditional
channels and gatekeepers to open direct relationships  with viewers and subscribers.

Cloud TV is currently the most advanced (Over the top) OTT content aggregation platform, providing television contents to multi-screen equipments. Users can watch streaming media channels in a variety of terminals, like mobile phone, smart TV, PAD and high-definition player, etc., anywhere at any time.

Users can find free and paid channels in all kinds of languages on Cloud TV. Meanwhile, they can also DIY television channels,upload and manage their own channels, using platform and technology of Cloud TVto set up their own OTT applications.

Anyone or any unit can apply for multi-screen TVbusiness on Cloud TV platform, apply for customized app, sell and distributetheir own contents or the contents in Cloud TV market.

Cloud TV aggregates thousands of channels,including dozens of languages, among which are hundreds of pay-TV channels likeChinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan package, India package, the package inEnglish and the Arab package. Besides, other channels are also included likeTVB HD Jade, HD Asia, five mainstreamHD satellite televisions in Taiwan, Phoenix TV, STAR Movies, TVB, FOX HD, HBOHD, discover and National Geographic Channel.

Content Aggregators Media Portal – NetScreens
Unlike early implementations of content aggregation OTT services, NetScreens’s solution offers a flexible multi-store digital mall. The solution provides an independent look & feel, business rules and marketing front-end to each content source, while allowing aggregators to manage infrastructure and overall operation via a sophisticated yet easy to use administration console.
Target Market: Service venture based on content aggregation, targeting a range of audiences via the Open Internet.
Solution: NetScreens Multi-Screen OTT Platform installed as a venture-controlled multi-tenant Application-Server hosting multiple content providers. All managed custom sections served as a unified infrastructure that preserved their identity.
Example: Broadband Provider’s revenue-sharing based partnership with leading content providers
Application Server: Cloud-based multi-tenant application platform, customized to the look & feel of each provider. The platform is managed independently but delivered as a single service initiative.
Video Streaming: Innovative 3rd-party streaming solution that drives streaming costs down, enabling aggressive monetization models such as Freemium and advertising-based revenue generation.

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